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Home Woes – Case-based Aptitude Test


Decision-making skills show your proficiency in choosing between several alternatives. It involves processing all the information available to you and talking to the right points of contact in a certain situation. Home Woes is an engaging exercise to observe and evaluate communication, planning, pattern recognition and problem skills that go into making robust decisions at the workplace.

There are two parts to this resource:

  • A concept note on Assessments – Details the how, why, where, what, and who of designing and running assessment and development centres. It includes a real-life example with illustrative evaluation grid and report template. Click here to Download the Overview -it is free.
  • A Fact Find Tool that has been developed in-house and successfully administered as a selection instrument to hire and promote for over a decade. It has received consistently excellent feedback from assessors and candidates alike.  This kit has
    1. A Participant Guide
    2. An Assessor Guide
    3. A Resource-Person Fact Sheet Docket



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