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Talent is today’s competitive weapon! We spend hours and hours hunting for the right talent… but business needs them as of yesterday! So how does one track the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process? 

To help you, we have designed an automated recruitment tracker that will not just help you keep track of progress in filling open positions in your organisation but will also highlight the efficiency and effectiveness of the process itself. This tracker contains 

  • Performance metrics

The tracker provides metrics such as Average time taken to close position, Resumes Screened vs Resumes Received, First Interview cleared vs Resumes Screened, Final interview cleared vs First Interview Cleared, Offers accepted vs Offers released, Total cost of recruitment, Cost per recruitment, efficiency by source, cost per source etc.

  • Position tracker

The position tracker keeps track of all the vacancies in the company. rows will turn orange in case there are less than 15 days to fill a position and red in case the deadline has exceeded and the positions haven’t been filled

  • Candidate tracker 

The candidate tracker contains information on all the resumes that have been collected by the HR team. The candidate name field will automatically grey out once the candidate is rejected or accepted 



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