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The HR Roadmap Kit – Concept and Case


Learning Objective:

To be able to create a robust HR Roadmap for a growing organisation.

Case Study Abstract:

Mopay, a mobile payments platform company, founded in 2010, is looking at entering two new categories, growing top line by 40% and doubling its employee strength by the end of 2021. With these plans, there is a need to align people strategy with business goals. You have been hired to take the HR function to the next level. Draw up a one-year HR Roadmap and present to the Co-Founders for their approval and sign off.

How it works:

  1. Download the free concept note
  2. Buy the case study and access to additional information through the factsheet and a sample solution.
  3. Make your HR Roadmap and share with us atreachus@webchro.comfor further debate and discussion!


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