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Selection Grid – Recruitment Tool


Presenting The Selection Grid. 

This stand-alone recruitment tool is a must-have, especially if you are not using an enterprise ATS (Applicant Tracking System) solution at the moment. This was designed to make the recruitment team’s life easier, cut down turnaround times and help earn loads of brownie points from the business! The Selection Grid is an efficient staffing aid and its main properties are:


1. Each candidate will have a final score that makes the hire decision a simple yes, no or on-hold at the end of the process

2. It encourages you to quantify every step of the hiring process thereby eliminating all biases

3. It is fully-automated. All you need to do is feed in your score/ranges in the drop-down menus and you’re good to go.

4. It is fully numeric – reduces errors of judgement, abstractions, hesitations and conflict

5. It will take you an hour or less to train and calibrate all your hiring managers on the Selection Grid


The typical hiring process for an engineer would go something like this:

Step 1. Determine your shortlisting criteria

  • Essential Criteria: Project experience, GPA etc.
  • Desired Criteria: English Proficiency, Institute ranking etc
  • Competencies to be assessed: Functional & behavioural

Step 2. For the various stages of your recruitment process, assign weights to those criteria based on requirements of the role. Ex:

  • Project experience: 25
  • GPA: 10
  • English Proficiency: 15
  • Institute Ranking: 15
  • Similarly, assign weights to the rest of the criteria ensuring that the total adds up to 100

Step 3. Train all stakeholders involved in the process on how to quantify their assessments of candidates using the included user guide

Step 4. At each stage of the process, the responsible stakeholder provides a rating on a scale of 5. Eliminate candidates who do not meet a threshold score. Ex:

  • Final threshold Score: 85
    • Candidate A: 86
    • Candidate B: 62 (Eliminated)
    • Candidate C: 92
    • Candidate D: 94
    • Candidate E: 78 (Eliminated)

Step 5. Make an offer to individuals with the highest scores. In the above example, an offer would be made to candidate D based on the overall score.

Our Selection Grid has automated all the steps above and included drop-down menus for ease of use. Assessors need to simply fill in their scores and handover to HR. Please read the instruction sheet and the user guide included in the product to gain a greater understanding of quantitative hiring and the use of the selection grid.

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