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Performance Management Workshop


When it comes to performance management, there is a multitude of textbooks, course material, blogs and tools available. But, while theoretical know-how is important, we believe that in order to be an effective manager, you need to supplement that with experiential learning. Through our interactive performance management workshop, we have trained over 500 professionals in the real estate, manufacturing, power, e-commerce, publishing & retail sectors. Now you can do it too!

This workshop is designed for managers to understand the importance & intricacies of performance management, how to set smart goals & linking organisational objectives to individual goals. It also covers helpful tips on conducting feedback & communicating ratings. All this through a series of activities and simulations that you can purchase and run with minimal preparation.

Included in your purchase:

  1. Workshop Deck
  2. Facilitator Guide
  3. Participant Workbook
  4. Handouts & Workshop Material

This content will fully equip you to run this workshop independently.

If you would like to have this workshop customised to your organisation & delivered by seasoned trainers, please write to reachus@webchro.com

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