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HR Tech Review – Performance Management


In an era of automation, technologies & tools to streamline your HR processes are ubiquitous in the market today. In this deluge of tech products & solutions, how do you possibly decide what would work for your organisation?

We commissioned this study to help you make an informed decision. Based on the research, we have identified a set of solutions you could use to automate your performance management function.

This report covers:

  1. Features you will find in complete HR management systems as well as the specialised components of core Performance management systems
  2. A cheat sheet to understand the various terminologies associated with HR tech
  3. A comprehensive listing of the features of 24 HRMS & PMS solutions along with relevance to organisations of various sizes and level of maturity of the performance management function
  4. Detailed evaluation reports into the features of 1 HRMS & 1 PMS solution to help you understand the additional level of detail you can go into when shortlisting
  5. A comparison sheet where you can stack one product against all others to determine the best fit for your organisation.


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