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Congratulations! You’ve been promoted. You are now a Manager.

The first major career transition, a rite of passage if you will, and every org needs a plan to support its young leaders and make it a success. Yet, a recent Ken Blanchard study revealed that only 15% of new managers receive any training prior to moving up from an individual contributor role.

What might the consequences be for this lack of training? Let’s hear it from the guru himself, Ram Charan, in his book The Leadership Pipeline.

“Though this might seem like an easy, natural leadership passage  – Managing Self to Managing Others –  it’s one where people often trip. The highest-performing people, especially, are reluctant to change; they want to keep doing the activities that made them successful. As a result, people make the job transition from individual contributor to manager without making a behavioural or value-based transition. In effect, they become managers without accepting the responsibilities. The result, when they miss this passage, is frequently a disaster.”


A First Time Manager workshop, therefore, is a must-do for all orgs. The curriculum here has been delivered and well-received across a diverse range of industries and company cultures over the last 12 years.

Included in your purchase:

  1. Workshop Deck
  2. Facilitator Guide
  3. Participant Workbook
  4. Handouts & Workshop Material

This content will fully equip you to run the workshop independently.

If you would like to have the workshop customised and delivered by seasoned trainers, please write to reachus@webchro.com 

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