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Why wait until it’s too late? According to a Forbes study, 43% of Millennials plan to quit their current job within two years. Only 28% plan to stay in their current role for more than five years. It is fair to say that a large part of the working population, emboldened by the vast array of opportunities out there today, are not afraid to cash in their chips in search of better prospects.

One of the major reasons employees leave is a lack of trust between the employees & their managers. A mirror image of an exit interview, a stay interview can act as a great way to strengthen that trust by putting the spotlight on what particular employees enjoy about working with you. By using our guide to stay interviews, you could create strategies around retaining specific employees with the information you obtain.

In this guide, you will find:

  1. Conducting Effective Stay Interviews (A Concept Note)
  2. Stay Interview Cheat Sheet(An Inventory of Interview Questions)


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