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A roadmap is a strategy or plans to attain a particular goal or objective. Therefore, an HR Roadmap details a people strategy that helps the company reach its business milestones. 

Sounds simple enough. Yet when you think a little more, you come up with many questions. When do we work on an HR Roadmap? How is it different from a regular project plan? Do we plan only for a year or longer? Who should be involved in the planning? And so on.

A roadmap is meant for a journey. In an organisational context, that journey is either one of initiation, transformation, or significant change. For instance, a company QPR FinTech Solutions develops small applications for BFSI. It has around 350 people and is based out of Mumbai. The company’s plans over the next five years include expansion to related domains of tech applications through acquisition and organic growth. They estimate that they will be a 1000 people strong company at the end of that timeframe with a doubling in topline growth. The HR team must work on a new roadmap to support and deliver that mission.

So, where do you begin? Do you dive into fixing the most talked-about problems in MC meetings, like rising attrition and flattening productivity curves? Or do you first tackle the low-hanging fruits like tweaking rewards programs and organising more team activities? Is your current HR team equipped to deliver the results? This road-mapping exercise suddenly starts looking harder than you had anticipated!

Our HR specialists have worked on several roadmaps for big, medium and small companies. We combine all that learning and experience with helping you build an innovative, realistic, and budget-friendly HR roadmap.

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