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Our goals. Our mission.

How we help other companies to grow.

Our goal is to organise practical HR knowledge, expertise and resources, and distribute to a global audience. In so doing, we aim to take HR to the next level where it is not just a business partner but a business in itself.


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The Origins

It all started in a small town in Bihar (now Jharkhand) called Jamshedpur, circa 1961. A young man graduated from XLRI with a gold medal. A few years on, he returned to the institute as faculty and then moved back to the industry as CHRO. Decades later his daughters graduated from XLRI to carry the legacy forward. Shampa Kochhar, our founder, is Prof Ashoke Mukherjee’s daughter. HR is in our genes; it is family; it is what we have learnt and practised for generations.

After a couple of decades of mainstream HR, we had a few bright ideas on marrying domain knowledge and technology to create something useful, user-friendly and universal. So we drew a very long and detailed flowchart, printed it on chart paper, rolled it up, and went in search of software developers. In our quest, we also discovered a treasure of global online resources and services at reasonable prices – exactly our model. Thus webCHRO was born with engineers, designers, artists, and HR folk from all over the world doing their bit. An Australian duo made The Story video here – explains the accent on the voiceover!

Two and a half years later, we have an engaged, loyal and growing community of hundreds. As people and tech keep evolving, we are working hard to improve and innovate continuously

The Founders


Shampa Kochhar


Tarun Kochhar